Registration of foreign companies

CIOPA makes it possible to optimize the business processes and tax burden of on your organization by registering a foreign company in various jurisdictions, based on the specifics of your company – its transactions, business partners, the country of registration of your main business, involved banking institutions, and the need for further attraction debt financing. Our company has successfully implemented projects to register or purchase ready-made structures in the EU, America, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries of the world, which are not so-called  “clean” offshore zones, but provide preferential conditions for non-resident companies to conduct business. The companies registered in such countries are primarily popular for working with counterparties and partners, and also as a good tool for conducting international trade, building holding structures for choosing the optimal tax burden for a group of companies, acquisition and operational use of real estate and other assets.

CIOPA works with jurisdictions such as:

The choice of a particular jurisdiction depends on a lot of  factors. Among the most important are:

Our company has all the necessary tools for successfully creating a necessary non-resident structure for your business needs: fiduciary companies, registrars and their agents, notaries, banking institutions, accountants, auditors and tax consultants, nominee directors and owners can be serviced in future companies.