Financing attraction

CIOPA provides an enterprise finance consulting, including the project finance, trade finance and searching for an investor. Our experts are ready to offer you a range of individual solutions and help you  to make the right decision at the right time. As part of our services, we also provide support in the process of considering the application in accordance with the expectations of a client and the requirements of the financing organization.

When considering loan applications, a comprehensive analysis of the borrower’s creditworthiness is carried out, their financial stability, market position, credit history and other factors of activity are as well evaluated. The quality and cost of the proposed collateral is also evaluated.

Should you be interested in improving the efficiency of the financial and economic activities, want to ensure the further development of your business and implement new projects, we are ready to help you with the issues of financing and lending.

Project financing is the financing of investment projects in which the source of debt service is the cash flows generated by the project. The specificity of this type of investment is that the assessment of costs and revenues is carried out taking into account the distribution of the risk between the project participants.

Trade financing is the simplest and the most demanded tool for organizing a foreign trade transaction, which is financing by a bank of foreign trade transactions of clients using documentary forms of settlements, bank guarantees and credit lines. Nowadays, with the use of trade finance instruments, the majority of foreign trade transactions in the world are made.

Investments attraction

Our company is ready to help you to sell your business or attract a partner. We will put every effort to ensure that the transaction is fair and your interests are protected as much as possible, regardless of whether we will search for investments to expand the business, implement a specific project within the framework of project financing or attract investors when the business is being sold.

Finding and attracting investments is usually more difficult than borrowing. The reason is the high riskiness of investments and the return on the  invested funds.

Оценка стоимости бизнеса требует дополнительной проверки инвестором.
Наша компания готова помочь Вам в следующем:

Business valuation requires an additional investor`s verification.

Our company is ready to help you in the following:

  1. searching for an investor and attracting the investments
  2. undergoing Due Diligence
  3. organizing an independent business valuation
  4. negotiating with the buyer or seller about the transaction price
  5. developing and coordinating all the documentation for the transaction of sale of shares (shares)
  6. developing and implementing a transaction scheme
  7. monitoring the further development of events in accordance with the agreements